Sharp PN-V701

Sharp introduces the World’s Largest 70-inch Video, PN-V701. Sharp PN-V701 features a high brightness of 700cd/m2 and  equipped with an Advanced Uniform Color Calibration Technology that ensures superb uniformity of color and brightness that will surely attract the crowd.

Bigger Size, Fewer Monitors , Lesser Bezel

The PN-V701 was developed specifically for use in multi-screen installations in either portrait or landscape orientation. Thanks to its narrow bezel , large images on a video wall appear natural and almost seamless. The grand scale of the 70-inch monitor allows you to build video walls with fewer monitors and fewer bezels.


SHARP Advanced UCCT (Uniform Colour Calibration Technology)

To achieve high-quality video walls with superb uniformity of colour and brightness, Sharp developed SHARP Advanced UCCT. This unique out-of-the-box technology performs two functions: it corrects the colour and brightness within a monitor, and it reduces colour inconsistency among monitors by sophisticated colour management of each monitor. Thanks to this combination, the PN-V701 can create video walls of extremely high quality and dynamism.


24/7 Operation

Built solid, the PN-V701 is ideal for use in 24-hour stores and in other demanding professional applications that require round-the-clock operation seven days a week.

Product Description

70″ Video wall screen