Best 5-in-one Printer multifunctional MFP

The user-friendly MX-M364N is the perfect office companion for any business that desires an energy-efficient MFP to keep pace with the changing document culture occurring within the business world. This B/W A3 multifunction solution offers full-colour network scanning, advanced environmental performance and practical expandability.

The flexible system configurations of the MX-M364N allow it to accommodate a plethora of business. The model contains an in-built finisher for those workplaces with limited room as well as a 4,000-sheet finisher for those handling high-volume jobs and a saddle stich finisher for businesses conducting complex document finishing for tasks, such as pamphlet production.

Additionally, the MX-M364N houses the Sharpdesk Mobile print and scan application. This allows business to travel outside of the office and guarantees the dependable protection of corporate communications through built-in and add-on security features.

Eco Friendliness

The MX-M364N gets its eco edge from advanced environmental technologies incorporated throughout the MFP—from its hardware and electrical system down to its software and supplies. Even its short warm-up time of 12 seconds produces substantial energy savings.

The new Mycrostoner-CAP is one of those eco-boosting supplies. The low melting point of this proprietary toner lets it get the job done with less energy than conventional toner requires.

This dramatically reduced power consumption is what gives the MX-M364N one of the lowest TEC values*1in the industry—significantly lower than even the maximum values allowable under ENERGY STAR®.

Eco Saver printer

*1:   Typical amount of energy consumed in a hypothetical week measured as stipulated under the ENERGY STAR® programme.
*2:   Maximum TEC value allowable under the latest ENERGY STAR programme (version 2.0).
*3:   Measured at 230V.
*4:   Compared to MX-M502N/M452N/M362N (warm-up time 20 seconds).


Productive Performance

The MX-M364N was designed to maximize productivity with the potential to hold a substantial 6,600 sheets of paper. A selection of finishing features, including a 4,000-sheet finisher and two different types of saddle stich finishers, makes for a stylish and efficient production of documents. These features combined with a 100-sheet reversing single pass feeder sustain the proficient and fluid handling of one or two-side originals.

sharp features

Ease of Use

Equipped with a state of the art 7.0-inch WVGA touchscreen colour LCD, the MX-M364N provides amazingly simple navigation of MVP functions and settings. Additionally the LCD provides straightforward thumbnail displays and pragmatic previews on data files. With a retractable QWERTY keyboard option for added convenience, the MX-M364N has raised expectations surrounding user-friendliness.



Product Description

36 ppm B&W Multifunctional Printer


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