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Designed for light production, Sharp’s MX-M1204 can deliver 120 cpm/ppm of beautiful, high-quality B/W documents. Whether it’s copies at 600 dpi or prints at 1,200 dpi, images and text are reproduced with exceptional clarity. Duplex scanning and sophisticated paper-feeding technology work to minimize paper misfeeds and enhance throughput speed and efficiency. Meanwhile, extra tray options expand paper capacity up to 13,500 sheets, making this MFP ideal for even the busiest CRD and copy room. With its exceptional security features and user-friendly control interface, this ultra-reliable document powerhouse is built to excel in a wide range of high-volume environments.

Key Features

A Heavy-Duty Productivity Booster

  • Built for high volume, the MX-M1204 boasts impressive B/W speeds of 120/ ppm, respectively
  • Quick scanning at 120 opm*1 (1-sided originals) or 200 opm*1 (2-sided)

Designed for the Continuous Run

  • Thanks to the Intermediate Toner Hopper, users can replace the toner cartridge without stopping the copy/print job
  • A Multi-Feed Detection System on the MX-M1204 detects and diagnoses misfeeds from the document feeder and the paper feed section of the paper trays
  • An Air-Feed System on the optional Large Capacity Trays (MX-LC13) minimizes paper jams and enables smooth paper handling
  • An optional Mirroring Kit protects the enhanced data-handling capability of the MFP by backing up its hard disk
Exceptional Ease of Use
  • For easy viewing, the control panel tilts from front to back and from side to side
  • A full-size retractable QWERTY keyboard option slides out from beneath the control panel for fast and easy text input.
  • Easy-grip handles with a lock mechanism allow the paper drawers to be grasped from the top as well as the bottom for smooth and safe opening and closing
  • Full front access to all key machine components ensures easy maintenance and reduces downtime

Remarkable Image Quality

  • Sharp’s proprietary Mycrostoner-EP (Eco-Positive) reproduces fine lines and halftone colours
  • Razor-sharp 1,200-dpi printing for crisp, clear text and fine lines
  • For optimal monochrome gradation and outstanding image quality, the MX-M1204/M1054/M904 employs halftone process control
  • Standard PCL and true Adobe® Postscript® 3™

Multi-Layered Security

  • Standard-equipped security layers*2 provide encryption of data retained on the HDD, up to 7 automatic overwrites of data generated for each job, password protection of Document Filing data, and more
  • Document Control function*3 prevents unauthorized use of confidential documents
  • Hidden-Pattern Print function prevents unauthorized copying
  • Retained data can be initialized when it”s time to replace the MFP

Eco-Friendly Advances

  • Dramatically reduced power consumption means that TEC values*4 are significantly lower than the maximum allowable values determined by ENERGY STAR®
  • Based on usage patterns established over a four-week period, Auto Power Shut-Off mode automatically determines the optimal length of time to let elapse before shutting the power off. To accommodate intensive use of the MFP on a specific day or time, users can manually set the elapse time to suit their specific usage patterns
  • The Eco Scan function saves energy by turning off power to the fusing system during jobs that don’t require any printing.
  • The Power ON/OFF Schedule function automatically turns the MX-M1204 on or off according to time schedules set by the administrator
  • Energy-efficient LED lamps employed in the scan unit (instead of conventional xenon lamps) provide further energy savings
  • Employs biomass plastic and Mycrostoner-EP (Eco-Positive), both of which have low environmental impact


*1 Originals per minute (when feeding A4-size (8 1/2″ x 11″) documents at 200-dpi resolution)
*2 Contact a Sharp customer service representative for details on use
*3 Requires optional Data Security Kit
*4 Typical amount of energy consumed in a hypothetical week measured as stipulated under the ENERGY STAR® programme. Value is for total electricity consumed during five days of use, cycling between full operation and Sleep mode or turned off, and two days in Sleep mode or turned off.



Product Description

120 ppm B&W High Speed


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